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Clinique Update

It’s been quite a few weeks since I began the acne solutions process by clinique. There were some huge results right away, followed by a severe allergic reaction about 5 days in. My whole face and neck swelled and I had hives all over! I waited until it was settled down (and the breakouts returned) to do a test run and see which of the 3 steps were causing it. Turns out I cannot use the toner (step 2) whatsoever. It is very harsh on my sensitive skin. Also, instead of everything twice a day I can only do the foaming cleanser (step 1) in the morning and the clearing gel (step 3) at night. Sometimes the recommended use is NOT the best for everyone. Here’s an updated picture on my almost completely clear face 🙂


I am also proud to say that after two-ish weeks of healthy eating and going to the gym, I am down 5 pounds and counting. I am glad to be doing this at a slow pace so it is more of a lifestyle change rather than drastic and leading to craving everything. I’m sure the better eating has been a factor in the acne clearing up as well!


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