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Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking on life. We’ve been stuck in the same spot for over a year now due to all the curves life likes to throw at us. I am not bitter whatsoever, as I know that there is a bigger plan in store for us, these things just take time. I often catch myself planning trips and counting down to our next adventure or outing. Then it occurred to me, we spend SO  much time wishing and waiting to be somewhere else, that we forget to build a life that we are happy with.

I love to travel just as much as the next, but what is life if you don’t have a job you love, a welcoming home to return to, and overall a life worth living? This thought has plagued me for weeks now. Last Fall we had decided that the following year we would move out of state and plant our roots elsewhere. We lost sight of that goal and really let ourselves fall into a “comfortable” pattern. We are done with comfort and ready to step out of it.

I have begun to see my husbands accident as a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you really have to sink to the bottom before you can climb to the top. Therapy has been a huge help and cleared his mind. Having a strong partner by my side has lifted me up as well. Knowing that we will be working our butts off to get where we will be truly happy.

Have a blessed long weekend everyone ❤


3 thoughts on “Life”

  1. some golden words here, thanks for sharing and reminding us all. be present. live and be aware you are alive. two frogs fell into a vat of milk, one frog got tired of treading and quit and drowned. the other frog kept treading, and soon the milk became curds and then cheese and he was ablt to hop out after that. never give up, the Universe still have plans for each of us.

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