Small Victories

Being an anxious person is somewhat difficult. But it’s the small moments that make me feel like I am doing well. On Friday, I signed up online for a gym membership. Immediately after I was hit with the thought of “Oh my god…I have to actually go now, and by myself?!” Instant panic set in.

The whole car ride there for the first time I felt like I couldn’t breathe and my throat was all tight. Overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe it. I get so used to doing activities with at least one other person, so doing things all by my lonesome and among strangers feels a bit scary.

As soon as I walked in and hopped on the treadmill, I felt a million times better. I am a firm believer in doing the things that make you nervous, because the worries will seem so silly after finally conquering them. I have successfully gone three days in a row, and feel less anxious each time. I can’t wait to see my progress both physically and mentally.



2 thoughts on “Small Victories”

  1. Great Emily! I think we are kind of alike, suffering from chronic anxiety issues. For me it’s “what if this happens, will that happen too?” Not a comfortable way to live. I so admire your get it done attitude!

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