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Jewelry Dilemma’s

As I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I came across this story (link here) about a woman’s trouble with Kay Jewelers. As I read through all the comments it made me recount to when I also had a horrible encounter with one of my rings.

In December of 2011, Logan gave me a beautiful promise ring that we picked out together at Kay Jewelers. We were 19 years old, and he wanted to give me something to show that he was serious about our relationship, and in it for the long run despite how young we were at the time. He purchased the warranty on it, and we left happily with the shiny new bling.

promise ring

Not even a year later, just before Thanksgiving I was sitting in class studying away. I looked down and noticed a diamond was missing out of the setting! I had a cashiering job and was a student, so I never did anything rough and was very careful to never bang it into anything, so I was shocked that a diamond could just fall out! We immediately took it to the store we purchased it from, and the trouble began.

Apparently, the warranty is voided if you do not take the ring in at the 6 month mark to have it examined, which was not expressed to us when we purchased it. The employee immediately started trying to have us trade it in for an “upgrade,” which I most definitely didn’t appreciate nor want. And proceeds to say “Well, at least you got a year out of it!” Um…really? We decided to pay the $100 (the ring itself was $500), ship it out, and have the diamond replaced and it was assured to us that it would be back within two weeks.

Two weeks go by, and NOTHING. Every time we would call the store they would just tell us that they were still waiting on it. After a whole month went by, it was just past Christmas time, they finally gave us the number to contact the warranty location directly, who then told us they were overloaded from Christmas purchases and that it would take ANOTHER month to get it to us! At this point we were more upset than angry, and I started wondering if they lost it and were just avoiding the situation.

Kind of hard to capture on camera, but if you can tell at all- the bottom right hand diamond is slightly crooked and sticks up higher than the rest. Previously they were all equal. 

Valentines day was just around the corner, and we became so irritated that we ended up shelling out another $100 just to have it expedited. It costs us almost half the price of the ring when all was said and done along with just shy of 3 months waiting, and the diamond that was replaced really didn’t look like it was the right fit for the setting. We vowed to never shop at a chain jewelry store again, and I am thankful that my husband had my engagement ring custom made by a local jeweler who actually cares about the value and importance of his creations.


3 thoughts on “Jewelry Dilemma’s”

  1. Wow Emily, so sorry this happened. Glad it was resolved but at such cost. I am a big believer in supporting the local businesses. Some call them Mom & Pop operations. They are what made this country great – then came corporate greed right? Be well! 👍🏻


    1. I’m glad it was too, I kept such a close watch on it up until I got my engagement ring. Now I only wear it when that one is being cleaned. I agree with that completely! Local mom & pop shops care so much more about their products/services/customers.


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