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When The Going Gets Tough

I’d be lying if I said the last couple weeks haven’t been absolute crap. And just like clockwork, each year around this same time there is always a series of events that cause my head to explode. I will say one thing though, compared to the past I have a MUCH better handle on my anxiety than ever before. For that, I am grateful. (also my husband deserves an award for dealing with this monster)

Side note- what is it about anxiety that causes such horrible stress eating!? Someone take these snacks out of sight!

This little man has been at my side every moment I am home. I think he can sense when I am feeling off. Totally wish he could teach me how to be as relaxed!




3 thoughts on “When The Going Gets Tough”

  1. Love the new header! I am totally sure cats and dogs can sense when their human(s) are having anxiety or pain. I’ve seen this too many times over the years for it not to be true. Been under stress as you know, purchased some chocolaty cookies this afternoon! I hope you feel better Emily.

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