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International Day Of Happiness

Today we celebrate International Day Of Happiness. To me, it is a day to reflect on recent times and really appreciate everything that makes me happy.

  • My job: I have been at my current job for just under 6 months now, and I absolutely love it. I look forward to going into work everyday. After being mistreated and unappreciated for 5 years at my previous employer, it makes me so happy to be in a position where I am welcomed and rarely ever stressed!
  • My Husband/Family/Friends/Kitty Cat: They all keep me happy for so many different reasons. I cherish each and every person in my life!
  • My Daily Struggles: Although this may seem odd, my daily struggles make me happy. When I am having a difficult time and finally reach a breakthrough, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy knowing that I conquered whatever task was at hand. Without struggles, I really wouldn’t know how strong I am emotionally.

Life, in general, is something that should make you happy. You are on this planet alive and breathing, make the best of it and create your own happiness, whatever it may be 🙂


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