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Music Shuffle Tag

I am a huge music lover, so when I came across this little game I thought it sounded fun! All you do is put your music player on shuffle, jot down the first 10 songs that come on, and write your favorite lyrics in that song. My taste in music is quite versatile, so we’ll see what comes out of this 🙂

  1. “One More Night”- Maroon Five: “Got you stuck on my body, on my body, like a tatoo, and now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid, crawling back to you.”
  2. “Grand Theft Autumn”- Fall Out Boy: “Someday I’ll appreciate in value, get off my ass and call you, but for the meantime I’ll sport my brand new fashion for waking up with pants off at 4 in the afternoon.”
  3. “Between Two Points”- The Glitch Mob: “Feet turning black. Is this the path we must walk? No turning back, I wish I could just hear you talk.”
  4. “What Makes a Man?”- City and Colour: I can see the sun settin’, it’s casting shadows on the sea, I can see the sun, it’s setting, it’s getting colder, starting to freeze”
  5. “Lorelei”- Fleet Foxes: “And I still see you when I try to sleep, I see the garden, the tower, the street. Call out to nobody, call out to me, chip on the shoulder, the dime in the teeth.”
  6. “Problem”- Ariana Grande: HA, I could care less about the lyrics of this song…it’s just catchy!
  7. “Little Hell”- City and Colour: “There’s a degree of difficulty in dealing with me
    From my haunted past comes a daunting task of living through memories
    If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall, stare into the past and forget it all.”
  8. “There’s No Home for You Here”- The White Stripes: “I’m only waiting for the proper time to tell you that it’s impossible to get along with you. It’s hard to look you in the face when we are talking, so it helps to have a mirror in the room.”
  9. “Me, I’m Not”- Nine Inch Nails: “I can swallow it down, keep it all inside, I define myself by how well I hide, feel it coming apart, well, at least I tried.”
  10. “Arabella”- Artic Monkeys: “Arabella’s got a 70s head, but she’s a modern lover, it’s an exploration, she’s made of outer space. And her lips are like the galaxy’s edge, and a kiss the colour of a constellation falling into place.”

Let me know if any of these are on your playlist as well! 🙂



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