The Kid Dilemma

It seems like the second you get married, everyone’s first question is “So, when are you two having kids?!”

It literally comes at you from every angle and its hard to come up with a response! I think it’s natural for people to assume that marriage=children. Not for us- at least for now. At 23 years old, we are definitely young-ish to get married I suppose, and are not even thinking about children yet at this stage to be honest.

We have plans to finish our bachelors degrees, do some traveling, and figure out where we want to be before we make such a life changing decision. My advice to all the other young married couples, do NOT feel pressured! It can be frustrating I know, but there is much life to be lived before that chapter opens πŸ™‚

OUR WEDDING! 147.jpg

PS: Enjoy the newlywed bliss to its full extent!


6 thoughts on “The Kid Dilemma”

  1. Wow, great decision! I applaud you both for not feeling pressured – these are your lives, no person or persons can pressure you to do a single thing. Hind sight as it’s called really is 20/20. Rock on girl.


      1. So glad to know that. Looking back I wonder why young folks tie themselves down so young when they have so much youth left to enjoy.

        You may decide to not have said children in time, life has many trails to choose, it’s an open book.

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