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The Power of Positivity

I must admit- I’ve never really been the most positive person. I am the first to jump to the worst conclusion about everything and have a meltdown about anything and everything. Enduring last few years, and the many hard times with this attitude was so bad on my mental and physical health! I vowed at the beginning of December to make a change, and I must tell you how much of a difference it has made. It all started with a book titled “You Are A Badass.”

positive 1

In just a short two months, I have gone from pessimistic to optimistic. Instead of taking bad news and dwelling on it and thinking, “What the hell am I supposed to do?!” I hear out the problem, and think: “Okay, this is the situation, here’s what we can do to fix it.” Any set back I take as a blessing instead of a curse. I have started to think back on many things that have happened in the last couple years and it has made me realize that every event- good or bad- has gotten me to where I am today.

positive 2.jpg

Goals mysteriously are becoming accomplished quicker. Yes, you heard that right. Our checklist of goals that seemed impossible to reach are being crossed off at rapid speed. We’ve been freaking out about credit cards and bills for years, and in just two short months our timeline of taking care of business is getting done faster than ever. If you think you can do it, you will. Two years ago I never would of thought I could create a budget that will have my husband and I debt free, and in a HOUSE by the end of 2016. Be unstoppable accomplishing your goals!

positive 4

The hardest part, but most rewarding, is ridding your life of negative energies. I found myself analyzing a few people I typically would hang around with often, and noticed that every time I see them it’s the same problems: no improvement, same complaints…you get the point. I also noticed a huge lack of any support for anything happening in my life, only negativity. I hate to use to word jealousy, but being the first one to get married and move out on my own, you definitely start to feel the envy flowing out of a person. I began taking a step back and spending more time around my best friend and a few others who are truly genuinely supportive and happy, and it’s made all the difference. It’s hard distancing yourself from people you’ve known for years, but it is critical if you’re serious about making a good life change.

positive 3

Overall, my mental and physical health has started improving greatly. I don’t dwell on negative situations or people. My confidence has improved. And to top if all off I have learned so much about myself and my abilities that I never would have deemed possible. If you’re on this same path, keep it up!


2 thoughts on “The Power of Positivity”

  1. Hello! Congratulations on life and being more confidence and being debt free! I couldnt agree more with your words. The book that you read seems like a life changing one, going to add it on my list 🙂 xx

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