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Travel Thursday: Aruba Adventure Tour

“Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna’ take ya’…”

Every island in the Caribbean is unique in it’s own way, and Aruba’s uniqueness surely stands out. From the pristine beaches to the rugged desert, there is something new around every corner.


On our recent Royal Caribbean cruise, we took an off road Land-Rover excursion through De Palm Tours. Our driver Julius was very informational and fun! I’ll share some of the highlights of this fabulous tour with you 🙂

Our first stop on the island was a natural rock formation. One of the formations was even shaped like an elephant! The tall one in the picture had a staircase leading up to the top, which you had to duck and sort of crawl to get through it. From the top we had a stunning view of a large mountain in the distance. Well worth the steps.


Next, we trekked across the rugged desert to reach one of seven natural bridges. The first bridge next to it collapsed a few years ago, so they refer to this one as the “son of a bridge.” (hehe) It is a very rugged area, so good walking shoes and balance are a must if you plan on exploring a bit!


We spent the next hour driving across the desert and seeing many beautiful sights. Abandoned fishing houses, rock formations, and ruins. The desert of Aruba is home to so many beautiful sights! We can’t wait to return someday and explore it further.

Next, we visited the Alto Vista Chapel. It is a beautiful little chapel in the middle of the desert. It was originally built in 1750, and later re-built in 1952. We the visited the California Lighthouse. Unfortunately it is under construction until this Summer, but when it re-opens people will be able to actually climb to the top.


We ended our tour with a stop at the STUNNING Arashi Beach. There are no restaurants or bathrooms at this beach, just good ol’ white sand and warm ocean water. There are reefs all around, so you are sure to see many fish…and maybe even chased by an eel like we did! I could’ve stayed at this gorgeous beach forever.








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