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The Year in Review {2015}

This year definitely had its highs and lows. But overall, it was a wonderful learning experience in a lot of different ways! Since 2015 is almost over, I figured I would do my yearly review.

January: I made the decision to stop going to college and end the pursuit of a degree I wasn’t really fond of. It was tough but you have to do what is best for yourself at some point! Also, I traveled to Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Maarten, Antigua, Martinique, and Barbados.


February: This was a very anti-climatic month. Most of it was spent snowed in from the harsh weather.

March: Very eventful in many ways. I was finally fed up with my dead-end job, and did what most people thought was a bad idea, and quit without a plan. I then started this blog as a way to keep me busy in between looking for a new job prospect. This month my cat became an internet celeb and was featured on HLN for being a lazy ball of fluff. We also began planning our wedding, although we weren’t “officially” engaged.

April: I picked up a seasonal job that I really enjoyed. It helped me get into shape and lose a few pounds! I’m planning on going back to help out a few days a week this upcoming year in addition to my current job.

May: Logan finally popped the question and that meant we could announce our wedding plans to our friends and family.


June: First, I found the wedding dress of my dreams. Then, my mother reconnected with her cousins back in Rhode Island that she lost touch with over 20 years ago. We flew out to visit them and I got to meet them for the first time. It was a truly wonderful experience and I learned a lot about my heritage! My mothers side of the family is truly wonderful and I am thankful to have met them ❤

July: This was a hard month. Logan injured himself at work and I was laid off right after my birthday.

August: The struggle continued into this month as well. But on a positive note, I did my first Painting With a Twist class, and attended the Kid Rock concert with my good friends!


September: We unfortunately had to seek financial help to get us through, but we are beyond grateful that we were able to! Things began to go back to normal and Logan went back to work. I was offered a job and so happy to begin a career that wasn’t in retail.

October: I started my new job and we finally caught up on our bills. Not a better feeling than stability!

November: We hosted our very first Thanksgiving at our apartment. It was great to give my parents a break since they always have to cook a huge meal.


December: So far I had a great month. I had an AMAZING Bachelorette party and the wedding planning is complete. The onyl negative was that Logan had an accident that ruined his car, but his awesome parents came to the rescue to help!! As for now he has my vehicle, and I am driving a gigantic wheelchair accessible van…you take what you can get when it’s the only option! Lol.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit overwhelmed with all of the upcoming changes, but it is all positive changes 🙂

I am so excited to see what 2016 has to offer. We have such big plans.


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