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Spooky Halloween Tag

Well, this is the 7th Halloween in a row that I have come down with some kind of sickness. Ranging from strep throat to the flu, this year a cold. Lovely. I very much have enjoyed today though! Large amounts of candy, caramel apple sangria, and scary movies with my future hubs. Wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ™‚

Since Halloween is coming to an end, I figured I wold end the night with a spooky themed questionnaire!

  1. What is your scariest real-life experience?

When I was 11 years old we lived in an old home in St. Clair Shores, MI. The home was built in the 40’s, so there were constantly things needing to be fixed. That Summer, the ceiling in our living room developed a crack across the middle. Over the next couple weeks it began to sag a little. My parents had planned to fix it this particular weekend. That Friday night, I was watching a movie in that room, and my mom was on the other side of the house yelling across to me that I needed to go get ready for bed. I resisted and resisted, and finally I said okay, and got up. I walked around the corner and into the bathroom, and as soon as I shut the door I heard a loud crack and huge crashing noise. I opened the door, and saw the ENTIRE ceiling, drywall and all, cover the living room, the heaviest part was where I was sitting on the couch. By some act of God, none of us, not even the cat or dog, were in that room when it fell. That was definitely a scary, sort of near death experience!

2. What is your scariest paranormal experience?

I know not everyone believes in the paranormal, but I definitely do. Most of my childhood and even now as an adult I experience some unexplainable things from time to time. This particular time was at my parents home in Chesterfield, MI. We had just moved in and I was 16 years old. The basement wasn’t finished so it was really creepy down there, but I liked to work out there because it stayed nice and cool. One night while I was working out down there, my radio kept going in and out, which was odd because it was plugged in just fine and never had an issue before (or after this). As I was doing some arm workouts, I felt like something brushed past me, kind of knocking me out of balance a bit. I shrugged it off as just a draft, until it happened again, and immediately afterwards a dark shadow moved across the wall. I have never moved so fast up a flight of stairs in my life! I didn’t go down there again for weeks.

3. Are you afraid of the dark?

I honestly dislike the dark. I have to have some sort of night light or my digital picture frame running in our bedroom or else I am fearful. I’ve had this problem since I was a child, ha!

4. Does your hometown have any myths or urban legends?

I went to Lake Shore High, and there was always a rumor that way back in the day, a girl had fallen from the walkway above the auditorium and onto the stage, killing her instantly. Rumor has it she still haunts the auditorium. This has never actually been confirmed though! Other than that I don’t think there’s really any legends in that city.

5. What is your favorite Urban Legend?

I have always been fascinated with the whole “Mothman” legend. We’ve driven through the town in West Virginia where all that took place a ton of times, and I guess it’s just crazy to me that so many people have allegedly seen it. Spoooky!

6. What is your favorite horror movie?

I love love love all of the Resident Evil films. I suppose that counts as an action film too though. Silent Hill is another one of my favorites. Can’t forget the classic Nosferatu as well πŸ™‚


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