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Sweetest Day

Another cheesy Hallmark holiday. I will take this opportunity though, to share my appreciation for my wonderful husband-to-be. Here’s a little timeline of our relationship 🙂

April 2010: Met for the first time at our job. His friends dad was also a very good friend of my dads, and we both were hired to work at his restaurant. We were 17 years old. I thought he was a show-off, and was uninterested (boys were the enemy), Haha.

November 2010: I left a relationship that I wasn’t really into, and two days later received a text from Logan. I didn’t even realize he still had my number! I agreed to go see a movie with him, and didn’t really expect much out of it. To my surprise, it was the best first date I ever had.

December 3rd, 2010: Officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. 18 years old.

ice skate
Ice skating. One of our first dates 🙂

December 2011: After a solid year of dating, Logan gave me a promise ring to show me that he was serious about our relationship and was in it for the long-haul. We were 19 years old.


March 2012: Logan moved in with me at my parents home, where we spent 2.5 years living.

September 2014: We moved into our own apartment!

January 2015: Booked a cruise (while on board a cruise) for this upcoming January. We knew we wanted to get married, so that is when we decided it would be during that trip.

April 2015: Easter Sunday…we booked our wedding! SURPRISE, we booked our wedding before even getting engaged. Love makes you do silly things 🙂

May 2015: He popped the question. I had just gotten home from seeing a movie with my girlfriends. I set my purse on the table, and heard him moving behind me. So I turned around, and he was down on one knee. Everyone dreams of a fairy tale proposal, but to me that was perfect. Private, just the two of us, and it had been long-awaited.

Now we are 78 days out for our wedding. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my other half. A lot of people think 23 is quite young to be getting married. But for us, it’s the right time. I am blessed to have met my soul mate at age 17. Grateful that despite the curve balls that have been thrown at us, we always come out on top. Thank you Logan, for all that you do for me. You are the best thing that has happened to me (aside from our kitty, teehee.)

engagement pictures 088


5 thoughts on “Sweetest Day”

  1. May both of you have a strong, healthy and loving marriage – many people thought I was also to young, 18 when I married and Tom was 29. 12 yrs difference and people thought it woudl not last. It did. 35 yrs of a wonderful rollar coaster ride with my soul mate at my side. We went through good times, bad times, in sicknes and health but those years were indeed the best times of our lives. When he passed away suddenly I had no regrets and God blessed me with the opportunity to tell him. Enjoy your time – honor each other – and simply love each other, create a life that you too will have no regrets.

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