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Target Haul!

Okay, I honestly walked into Target with the intention of ONLY buying hamburger buns and fries…clearly that wasn’t the case. As I stepped through the doors I was immediately hypnotized by the coffee aroma from Starbucks, so of course I treated myself to a caramel macchiato 🙂

A new section of watches caught my eye. I start my new job on Monday, and I do have a very small wrist tattoo that needs to be covered. So instead of using makeup to cover it like I usually do I bought a dainty watch. For only $10.99, it’s perfect! I love the small rhinestone detailing.


Next, I browsed through the home decorating section. They had a whole section of candles that were on sale for $4.99! I purchased the Vanilla Pumpkin scent. It smells like pumpkin pie to me 🙂


I had already tried the Espresso Chocolate flavored creamer with Darth Vader on the bottle, so I bought the Vanilla flavor this time with R2D2 on it. On sale for $3.00!


I am really excited about this next purchase. I have honestly never used foundation or powder before, only concealer. I don’t want to shell out big money for the high-end brands until I get the hang of the application process, so I purchased the NYC translucent powder ($2.99), along with Elf’s BB cream in the fair color ($6.00). I love elf brushes too, they are all between $1-$3, and are a good starter brush while learning to do makeup.



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