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Dream Analysis

I never really paid much attention to the dreams I have. Usually the only ones I remember are the not so pleasant ones that leave me awake for hours. So after having this particular dream for the 4th time this month, I figured I would look into a bit deeper.

The dream always goes as follows:

I am in a small cabin amongst the mountains. I open the back door, revealing a path leading through the trees. I follow the path, leaving the door behind me open. The path leads me to a small rocky area that I climb up and reach a platform/ledge that I sit on, feet dangling and gazing off over the rest of the mountain range.


Peaceful right?

After doing a bit of research, I was AMAZED by what this represents, and how it pertains to everything going on in my life right now.

Mountains stand for goals and obstacles that you are currently facing. The peak of the mountains symbolize the success and completion of said goals. Admiring the landscape of the mountains symbolizes a good omen is headed your way.

Although it could apply to many different things, I am in a very pivotal place in my life. I am starting my career in less than two weeks, a huge goal that I finally can say is being achieved. Logan went back to work after being off due to an injury, and we are on our way back to full financial stability. So I must say, even my subconscious is aware of these goals and achievements as I sleep, and is letting me know that things are going to okay!


2 thoughts on “Dream Analysis”

  1. That’s awesome news! It’s great that you have solid plans for your future. At your age, all I did was party. Shame really… But it’s water under the bridge. I love seeing good things happen for good people!

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