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An Ode To Fall

seven ponds 019

Skip with me along the trees,

hear the leaves crunch down under our feet.

The crisp breeze blows right through our hair,

sending a chill and leaving us bare.

Grab a jacket and tag along,

we can sit by the fire right here on this log.

Bonfires, cider, pumpkins and donuts,

the season of Fall is now upon us.

Picture taken by me at Seven Ponds in Dryden, MI. Poem written by me as well.


5 thoughts on “An Ode To Fall”

      1. We used to say “hyden in dryden”. My mother is buried not far from there. Had a good friend in Dryden till he and his wife divorced, he moved to Texas. Oh, my aunt and uncle live there too! Sorry Emily, ranting. Did you walk over that cool tall arched bridge?

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