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5 Things Anxiety Taught Me

1. It is OK to have a break down once in a while

Not everyday is going to a total breeze, and when things get super tough it’s almost necessary to cry it out. As long as you have learned not to let yourself fall into that rut, let it all out and then pick yourself up again.

2. Your friends will be there for you, you just have to let them

When I started having problems and letting them consume me, I shut all of my dear friends out. I was embarrassed that I’d let myself  get so deep and I was afraid they would think I am crazy or over exaggerating. In reality, it was the total opposite. They were concerned and the best support system I could’ve asked for! I just had to explain my situation and let them in.

A few of my besties and I 🙂

3. It never really “goes away”

Even when I am having the best day that I only imagined in my dreams, there’s still a little part of me that is off. The best advice I can give for this is to focus on the positive, and drown out that little worrying voice as best you can. It is difficult and like a little devil on your shoulder, but with every devil there is an angel on the opposite side…listen to that one!

4. Find something that helps and stick with it

This was a major lesson for me. I would find things to do that would help it improve, which would trick me into thinking I am fine and no longer need to do it anymore. WRONG! You must keep up with whatever is helping you. For me, it has been blogging (yes, I love all of the interactions and stories shared 🙂 ) and more recently I have started doing Yoga. Although I am sore and still trying to find my center balance (ha, it may not exist) I am keeping up with it and feel fantastic.

5. Make time for yourself

This is key in my life. On top of dealing with anxiety, I am very much so an introvert. I make myself outgoing when it’s needed (work, etc.) but otherwise I prefer quiet time alone. There is never a bad time to grab a book, cup of coffee, and big fuzzy blanket and just veg 🙂

treat yo self

I hope that sharing what I have learned thus far will help someone else struggling ❤


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