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Natl. Tattoo Story Day

It has come to my attention that today is “National Tattoo Story Day.” I figured I would take this as an opportunity to explain all of mine in the order I had them done…5 and counting.

1. The Kanji symbol for strength on the back of my neck


It was two days after I’d turned 18 in 2010. I had a Phoenix drawn up prior to my appointment and the night before I freaked out and second guessed my decision. Luckily, I had this as a backup. Part of my “I’m and adult I can do what I want!” phase.

2. Flowers on my right inner ankle


Honesty, I just thought the design was beautiful and my ankle looked lonely. December of 2011.

3. Infinity symbol on my right wrist


I loved what this stood for to me. Limitless possibilities and opportunities. Shortly after I realized millions of girls in their 20’s were also obsessed…not so unique anymore 😜 December of 2012.

4. Family


This one is super special to me. Almost my entire family on my dad’s side all got this done. Even my 82 year old Grandfather who never had a tattoo in his life! We are all very close and it’s nice to know we all share this. December 2014.

5. Miles To Go


I did a whole blog post on this last month, but to keep it simple this is taken from a Robert Frost poem. I had a rough year emotionally, I got through it, and am continuing on my journey. August 2015.


2 thoughts on “Natl. Tattoo Story Day”

  1. Great looking tattoos Emily, it’s very sweet the family got the same tattoo. The flowers look nice too, good colors. I have a cross on my right arm, up high. A reminder…


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