2001, remembering, september 11th


I remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. I was 9 years old in my fourth grade class when the horrible terrorist attacks happened in NYC. The teachers knew what had happened, but all of us kids were not told because we were so young. Some parents picked up their kids, some kept their kids in school and would explain to them that evening what had occurred.

My mom was at home and my grandfather showed up unexpectedly and told her to turn on the news immediately. They thought they were watching a recap of the first plane that hit, but to their horror they were watching live as the second plane hit. I can’t imagine the amount of terror when it was finally realized that this was no accident.

We lived quite close to Selfridge Air Base, and could hear the planes coming at going all night. I remember our family slept in the living room together, we were all scared. At 9 years old, I could not comprehend why or how anyone could do such a thing.

My heart goes out to all who lost their lives on this day. Everyone who went to sleep the night before, unknowing of what would occur. Everyone who didn’t get to say goodbye. And all who made and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for the protection our country.


4 thoughts on “Rememberance”

  1. I remember the following day, it was beautiful and clear too, just like 9/11. It was early morning and I was standing on my porch looking south east and saw only one plane. The con-tail was that of a figure 8. It was an AWAC flying coverage over Detroit and Lake Erie. The morning was so peaceful and I knew that there were 1000s of men and women I the armed forces that have not slept that day.

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