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Travel Thursday: A Roadside Stop

More times than not, the best places I have stumbled across have been by complete accident. The area I am sharing with you today, started off as just a quick bathroom break before I turned around to drive home. I discovered something much more at this beautiful stop.

Last Thursday I took a drive up to Lexington, MI. After I was done walking around there, I took a drive a bit further north. After about a half hour of scenic driving, I stopped a little roadside park to use the bathroom and noticed a sign on a bridge that said “stairs to lake.” Intrigued…I followed.

lexington michigan 056

When I turned the corner, I saw Lake Huron and a beautiful staircase leading down to a very secluded beach.

lexington michigan 059

lexington michigan 066

Next, I walked down the staircase and the sights took my breath away. It was stunning! Only one other person sitting there. birds singing, and a nice cool breeze coming in off the lake.

lexington michigan 070 lexington michigan 089

lexington michigan 071

lexington michigan 091 lexington michigan 098

I found a nice rock that resembled a seat, and decided I might as well stay a while and dip my feet in the nice cool lake. Spending time in a place with only the sounds of nature is pure bliss. The cheapest form of therapy 🙂

lexington michigan 082

lexington michigan 101

lexington michigan 105

Panoramic view of where I was seated
lexington michigan 108
Location of the park

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