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Lessons Learned

From a young age, we’re always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question that, at age 23, I find myself still pondering. There is a lot of emphasis on this important decision, especially during the teen years. If there is one thing I have learned over the last few years, it’s that you can’t plan your life.

Sure, there are many people who know right off the bat what they enjoy and what they want to do, but I feel it’s becoming quite a problem to be putting so much pressure on young ones to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. During my teen years I probably switched around what I was interested in more than 10 times. Back and forth between Radiology, Psychology, PR, and so on. I seemed to be interested in too many things to choose just one. When I graduated High School I definitely felt the pressure to choose one focus and go with it.

I started off college with a high interest in Psychology, excelling in all my classes and what not. After constant pressure from those I looked up to, I switched my major to Business because they insisted that it would bring me a better future financially. Unfortunately, their focus was steering me into something only for my future financial gain, and not what I was truly interested in whatsoever. I respect their reasoning, but thoroughly disagree. When you are truly passionate about something, you will never work a day in your life, and that is what I was searching for.

After many dropped classes, misunderstandings, and inevitable stress to the max, I left my college journey behind. If you have no interest in something, it is borderline impossible to put 110% in. At 23, I’m still struggling to determine what I’d like to do for the greater part of my life. However, I have many passions that I have found. For one, blogging has been amazing, and I enjoy connecting with individuals and learning of their journeys. Also, baking has been a new-found passion over the last 3 years. My fiance has a very strong sense for business, so together we are planning on embarking on our own business venture together after we get married (prayers for my sanity, please :-P). And finally, travel has been the driving force of my hard work and inspiration. There is no job that can make you as rich as you become from experiencing new cultures and landscapes.

Alas, still in a bit of confusion, I find myself more sure of myself and my interests than I was years ago when first faced with this question. I have learned that it is okay to aspire to do many things, not just one. It is a blessing to be surrounded by those who support my passions, regardless of if it involves returning to college or not (sorry mom & dad).

What is something you are truly passionate about?

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