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I am starting to get the hang of this whole lifestyle change. It used to be super easy for me…(before the 30 lbs creeped up), which I am hoping for after I make this a habit! My problem is definitely that I love ALL food, good or bad. Luckily my fiance is on board with this whole transition, so there is no junk in the house. Plus if we want fast food, it’s a good 15 minute drive just to get it (not happening :))

We’re starting off slow in the exercise department. I take one slow walk in the morning with Logan, he is in the process of recovering from a back/shoulder injury so he is very limited. I take another walk in the evening by myself, fast paced and much longer.

And I am proud to say I have not had a soda, or a single craving for one, since Saturday! I bought this lovely 20 oz water bottle from Meijer, and just keep refilling it all day. I am starting to feel the slugish-ness disappear πŸ™‚


Good luck to everyone else who is in the process of a lifestyle change. We are on this road together!!Β 


4 thoughts on “Motivation”

  1. I am on the same road! Switching out processed snack foods for baby carrots and apples helped me regain a lot of energy. Soda is my favorite food or drink EVER and I have managed to cut back to just one a week- it is now my Friday evening treat πŸ™‚

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    1. My biggest struggle is definitely with sugar. I love to bake and have such a bad sweet tooth! But that is my thought as well, save it for one little treat each week so I don’t completely go nuts. Haha πŸ™‚

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