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Junction Buoy

I would say today was the best weather we’ve had all summer here in Michigan! 85 and sunny, nice breeze, and low humidity. We took the opportunity and drove up to Junction Buoy in Marysville for a nice lunch on the St. Clair River.


My fiance first took me here a few years ago, and it has since become our favorite restaurant. It is lovely being able to sit out on the deck and watch the freighters go by. The food is always wonderful as well.

This little guy was eye balling our food the whole time…sorry bud!!


Of course I had to have a Blue Moon. Hit the spot on a warm day like today! I totally forgot to photograph our appetizer, but we snacked on delicious spicy cheese balls as we watched the freighters go by. Directly across the St. Clair River is Canada, so we see quite a lot of international shipments traveling through.



Logan’s meal looked fantastic. It was a twist on the classic fish & chips. Instead of Cod, it was Salmon coated in a sesame seed batter and deep fried. They served it with an Asian sesame sauce which was so delicious.


I went for my usual lunch favorite there, the turkey reuben. Served with fries & coleslaw, as well as thousand island 🙂


Hope everyone had a lovely Thursday~Looking forward to the weekend!


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