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Travel Thursday: Chicago, Illinois.


Oh how I miss the beautiful city of Chicago! Logan and I visited Chi-town for a weekend back in 2012 to celebrate his 20th birthday. Although we only had two days there, we managed to do a lot and make so many good memories. Thanks to the Chicago City-Pass (I HIGHLY recommend getting) we were able to skip to the front of the line for every attraction we went to.

The city skyline on our drive in.

This was our first time traveling to a huge city like this, so it was quite exciting. We stayed at the Congress Plaza right downtown. It is a very affordable and comfortable hotel! It is within walking distance from all the attractions and shopping.

chitown2 chitown3

It was about a 5.5 hour drive from our home to Chicago. As soon as we checked into our hotel, we dropped off our luggage and ran out to explore! We were there late April and it was still quite chilly, but we didn’t let that stop us 🙂




It was still too early in the year for all the attractions at the Navy Pier to be open. So that night we took a cab over there and just sat and admired the beautiful city skyline all lit up. It was around 11pm, and the city was alive and roaring!


The next day was quite hectic, as we tried to fit in every single thing we could do. We first visited the Field Museum, which was absolutely wonderful. There are so many attractions. We especially loved Ancient Egypt and the room full of jewels.

Seizing the silly opportunities as usual 🙂


Next we headed over to the Shedd Aquarium. The line was all the way down the road, so we were thankful to have that city-pass to get us in quick! The jelly fish were so neat to see.


From there we hopped in a cab over to the Willis Tower. I had wanted to visit for the longest time after hearing about the glass skydeck you can stand on and look straight down. The fast elevator takes you up to 1,353 feet, and tells you what other tall landmarks you are passing as you fly up. (Statue of Liberty, etc.)

The views were breathtaking!

chitown12 chitown14


After using up a days worth of adrenaline on that glass ledge, we walked over to Giordano’s Pizzeria. It was the BEST pizza we have ever encountered. Deep dish is the way to go!!


Since we only had a few hours left of daylight, we walked along the Magnificent Mile, did a little shopping, and visited the Bean.

chitown16 chitown17

Until we meet again, my favorite city ❤

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