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Sunflower Cupcakes

It’s been so cold and rainy here in Michigan, so of course today when we got word that it was going to be 90, we had to have a BBQ! We enjoyed a few beers and the humid weather with a few of my moms friends.

My all time favorite beer.

My mom asked if I got make some summery cupcakes for today’s shenanigans, so I had fun with this one 🙂

For the cupcakes you’ll need:

1 box of french vanilla cupcake mix

3 eggs

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of oil

For the frosting:

3 sticks of butter, softened

1 bag of powdered sugar

4-5 tablespoons of milk

Yellow gel food coloring

1 package of Oreos

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Line muffin pan with cupcake liners and lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray. Mix ingredients and bake as directed. Set out to cool and begin making the frosting.


In a large bowl, beat butter with milk until combined and fluffy. Add in powdered sugar one cup at a time. Add in food coloring until you reach your desired color.


Next, with a #352 tip, pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes to make little petals. Repeat it twice, and then top with an Oreo.

20150718_104244 20150718_104241


Enjoy! These easy to make cupcakes will be a great addition to any summer BBQ or party!


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