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Travel Thursday: Snorkeling in Labadee

A view of Haiti from our cruise ship. It looked a lot like Kong island or Jurassic park..

Labadee is a beautiful place! It is a small area of Haiti that Royal Caribbean bought and turned into a private cruise port. There are plenty of little vendors set up along with pristine beaches. While you’re hanging out on the beach you can watch people slide across the huge zipline and sip on a Labadoozie. After we had spent some time in the sun, we decided to hop on an excursion out to the reef for our very first snorkel experience. (February of 2013)

View of the zipline from the beach! It looked like so much fun. Maybe next time.



It took a couple of minutes to get used to the snorkel gear, especially since it was our first time doing it. Luckily the water was super warm so it wasn’t a total shock jumping in! Our guide was very nice and made everyone feel comfortable. The best part was you could rent an underwater camera, and for only $5 you got a CD of all the pictures you took, as well as the professional ones taken by the tour guide!

Myself floating around.
Logan and I.

The guide took us all over the reef for a good two hours. The first hour was guided and the 2nd hour you were free to float about on your own. It was a wonderful experience. I have never seen so many different kinds of fish and underwater plant life. I highly suggest doing this if you are in Labadee (or anywhere for that matter!)

haiti7 haiti11 haiti10 haiti8

And then the money shot…take a look in the bottom right 🙂


Afterwards we hopped back onto our ship, (the beautiful Liberty of the Seas), and sailed off into one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen.



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