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As I sit here and stare at my suitcase I can’t express just how excited I am to head out East tomorrow. Rhode Island, here I come!

 Back story on this trip

Growing up, I never really knew anyone on my mother’s side of the family, aside from my Grandparents and Aunt/her kids. I was very young when my great grandparents passed away so I don’t have a memory of them.  My Grandparents moved to Michigan when I was 4, so the trips out East stopped. There had been some sort of loss of contact over the years, so my mother had not seen her or heard from her cousins for many years, and didn’t really know how to find any of them.

A few months ago my mother was able to reconnect with her cousins on Facebook, and immediately we were planning a trip to visit them. I am overjoyed to finally meet my mother’s side of the family, see the beauty of the East Coast, and learn more about my New England roots!

newport rd island

My Father and I- Newport Rhode Island, 1995.


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