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Snapped a few pictures passing by Detroit this rainy afternoon.

Old cathedral off of Mack and 75
GM Building
Tiger Stadium and some other buildings
The old abandoned train station
Rainy, Detroit skyline.

2 thoughts on “Detroit”

  1. Good photos! It’s a shame the old railroad building is left abandoned like it has been for so long, it would be a beautiful hotel and casino. I hear there are some big storms moving through Wayne County with flooding today. I was on the WWJ and WJR websites today, listening live to stay caught up on things back there, caught the weather reports. Got a bit of rain here just now, we need so much more though. Love the smell of Mojave Desert rain. Love the photos of you and your man, so sweet!

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    1. It is a shame, they fought to protect it from being demolished but have yet to do any maintainance to it. I would love to see some changes! Yes we had some heavy downpours a few hours ago, quite a long drive home with all the accidents around! And thank you 🙂

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