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Travel Thursday: Antigua by Catamaran


What I wouldn’t give for that warm Caribbean breeze right now. (and a rum punch!)

Antigua is a beautiful little island in the Caribbean. In the few hours I spent there I had quite an exciting time! The cruise port is a tad bit overwhelming, so I highly recommend doing the catamaran sail & snorkel excursion if you are there during a cruise 🙂

Stunning views pulling into port:



While you wait for the excursion to begin there is plenty of shopping and food to enjoy. We ate at a little restaurant that had fantastic drinks/food, and a great view of the ship.


Ah, and now the relaxation begins! I sat on the netting of a catamaran for the first time, and it was hard to not feel like royalty!



Next, we set sail quite a ways out from the shore to a beautiful reef to snorkel and float around. We saw many beautiful fish and other sea creatures.


My fiance, myself, my mother and my aunt all geared up for snorkeling!

After about an hour of snorkeling, we were then taken to a gorgeous private beach were we swam and enjoyed some complementary rum punch.


Ruins on the hill



The excursion was roughly $70 per person and well worth it. A whole afternoon of sunshine and warm ocean water. Not to mention all of the unlimited rum punch and snacks 🙂


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