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Travel Thursday: Mackinac Island

Mackinac (mack-in-AWE) Island is Michigan’s best little treasure! The island is 8 miles around and has a bike path that extends the entire distance. The clicking of horse hooves can be heard all over and you can visit many historical sites such as Fort Mackinac, Biddle House, The Old Lighthouse, and the stunning Grand Hotel. I visited Mackinac for my 20th birthday back in 2012 and it was just as wonderful as I’d remembered it 🙂

There are many hotel options available on the island, but we opted to stay on the mainland at the Thunderbird Inn. The island does not have cars whatsoever. The island can only be traveled to by boat and there are a couple ferry’s that run back and forth throughout the day. We brought our bikes to make the trek around the island (rental bikes are available).




Our first mission on our trek was to build a little rock tower. I am not sure what it symbolizes, but it seems that it is a tradition for everyone who visits.



Even though it was a tad rainy and cloudy, we had a good view of the beautiful Mackinac Bridge.


We then parked our bikes and meandered around town for a bit. I recommend having some fudge from Ryba’s 🙂


Next, we hiked up the hills and made our way to Arch Rock. A beautiful formation creating a picturesque view of the lake.





As we biked back to the ferry, there was a friendly reminder posted for all ❤



4 thoughts on “Travel Thursday: Mackinac Island”

  1. I haven’t been to the island in a long time, but the area around the Straits is magnificent! And just don’t get me started on the view from the Bridge. Or that drive out US-2 along Lake Michigan. Or….. 🙂

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  2. Always a fun time you be had on Mackinac island. I have fond memories of crossing the bridge, on the way to Taquamenon Falls, snowmobiling with family in the 70s. Great post and photos😊

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