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Travel Thursday: St. Maarten

Mom and I, Phillipsburg- St. Maarten.

In January of 2015 I visited the gorgeous island of St. Maarten during a southern Caribbean cruise. In the 8 hours I was there I had the pleasure of seeing a couple beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery. Pulling into port was quite an experience.



The island of St. Maarten is divided between the French and the Dutch. Might I add each side was equally stunning. If you are here for only a day it is plenty of time to see what each side has to offer. There is a ton of shopping to be done around the cruise port if you aren’t so much into the sightseeing, and the jewelry stores have some beautiful pieces!

Our first stop on our journey was Maho Beach, on the Dutch side. I absolutely LOVED this beach! If you are going swimming, be very careful because the current is super strong and it gets deep instantly. This beach is directly behind the airport, and is famous for viewing low flying planes coming and going to the airport. I recommend grabbing lunch at the Sunset Bar & Grill located directly on the beach. Perfect for watching the planes!


st maarten




Having our cab driver take us to our next destination through the mountainous countryside was a great decision. You will see plenty of wildlife. P.s if you look in the trees, you will likely find an iguana 🙂

Our last stop of the day was Orient Beach, on the French side. I would be a little cautious if you are traveling with children due to part of the beach being nude. This beach had some breathtaking views of mountains and soft white sand. I had the best pina colada I have ever had in my life at Pedro’s.



On the way back to Phillipsburg it was hard not to begin to miss the island already. Stop and take a look around at all it has to offer.




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