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Travel Thursday: St. Augustine, Florida.

I visit Florida once or twice a year due to many of my family members being there, and my all time favorite place to visit while I am in town is St. Augustine. St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the United States and has so much character. The streets are made of stone and there are many historical buildings. It is also home to the old fort- Castillo de San Marcos. The pictures and stories I’ll be sharing with you range from a few visits between 2011-2014.

Castillo de San Marcos

I try to visit the fort every time I am in the city. It is beautiful and has some very interesting history. There are carvings on the inside from the 17th century. The fort is made from Coquina, and you can even see little shells tucked amongst the walls!





Food & Drink Recommendations

1. Meehan’s on Mantanzas 

I first time I ate here was during a girls weekend with my family in November 2013, and absolutely had to go back again while visiting in April 2014! The food is fantastic and reasonably price. Reubens are one of my favorite sandwiches, and they knock it right out of the park. Pair it with a Guinness and you are all set for the afternoon 🙂


2. Cafe Del Hidalgo

If you are a gelato fanatic like I am, you MUST try this place! They also have delicious coffee and cappuccinos that go well with the gelato. I recommend getting the smaller size due to it having such a rich flavor.


3. The Monks Vineyard

This place is so quirky and my favorite spot to stop at after a long day of exploring the city. The man who owns the place is so nice and makes amazing Sangria!


Ghost Tours

Since St. Augustine is so old and has so much history, it only makes sense for there to be some supernatural activity going on. Once the sun goes down, there are many ghost tours to choose from. I have been on the Ripley’s ghost tour and the lighthouse tour. My favorite was the lighthouse because you get to tour the grounds as well as climb to the top of the lighthouse, all while hearing some spooky tales. Most of the tours provide you with EP readers.



augustine tour 2


5 thoughts on “Travel Thursday: St. Augustine, Florida.”

  1. Cool pictures. I loved visiting St. Augustine when I lived in Jacksonville, FL. Reading all the Spanish street and building names felt like home to me.

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  2. I love Saint Augustine…. I’ve gone there several times since I was a little girl and it has great memories. =) Despite being a ghost story fanatic/writer, I’ve never actually been on a ghost tour even though I’ve heard from several sources that St. Augustine is definitely the most haunted city in Florida (though Robert the Doll in Key West could probably pull in a tight second place)… I guess I’m a scardy cat when it comes to the actual thing! I like my chills on the paper. Haha.

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