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St. Johns Marsh

And finally the day arrived: First hike of the season! No rain or snow, but still a tad bit chilly. Logan and I headed out to St. Johns Marsh in Clay, MI.

The trail is free for anyone and has a lot of wildlife. Right now it is still too early to see a lot of plants and wildlife, but it’s still a nice hike regardless. There were definitely a lot of spring peepers hiding among the cat tails, loud and proud!

St. Johs Marsh 001

St. Johs Marsh 003St. Johs Marsh 004

St. Johs Marsh 009

St. Johs Marsh 024

St. Johs Marsh 034

St. Johs Marsh 050

St. Johs Marsh 015

St. Johs Marsh 052

3 thoughts on “St. Johns Marsh”

  1. It looks beautiful up there! We are up here in New Hampshire and the snow is just really starting to melt. Awesome pictures that really show the dreary nature of early spring days. I have always thought they have a certain beauty.

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