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Travel Thursday: Point Pelee National Park

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Point Pelee National Park in Ontario, Canada. It is a quick 45 minute drive once you cross over the Ambassador Bridge (for those of you who live near Detroit). It was roughly $8.00 per person to enter the park, and is surely worth it. The paths were breathtaking and nicely shaded by all of the trees.

Boat and CANADA 035

Point Pelee is the southern most point in Ontario, and has a very nice climate with a large variety of plants. We did notice that there were tons of butterflies as well. The trail leading up the point is paved so you can hike or bike. There is also a complementary shuttle that runs back and forth from the visitor center to the point. Note: The final trail leading up to the point is not paved.

Boat and CANADA 039

There are many gorgeous photo opportunities along the way.

Boat and CANADA 052

Boat and CANADA 053

Boat and CANADA 087

Boat and CANADA 091

Boat and CANADA 071

Boat and CANADA 097

Boat and CANADA 065

There is also a beautiful trail through the marsh that features a lookout point. We unfortunately ran out of time and didn’t get the chance to experience it, but we will definitely be back this summer to check it out.


If you’re hungry after this long hike (which you will be) I highly recommend heading to Paula’s Fish Place. It is about 1.6km from the park, and has the best Lake Eerie perch I have ever had. Reasonable pricing and super friendly staff as well! 🙂


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