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Keto Strong

As of Friday I weighed in at 173, putting me down a total of 21 pounds! I am now down another jean size as well. All I can say is WOW 🙂 What is working best for me lately is sticking to the diet closely. I will admit the first month on keto I was… Continue reading Keto Strong

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A New Chapter Begins…

My journey for a bachelors degree has started! I'm doing a fully online program in Leadership and Management through a local university here in the mitten. I must admit, first logging on was overwhelming because it has been a few years, but now the ball is rolling and I'm ready to kick behind. Walter is… Continue reading A New Chapter Begins…

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Egg Fast Experiment Conclusion

I really wanted to continue on to the full 5 day egg fast but unfortunately cannot. I woke up this morning with some intense stomach pain/digestive issues (yeah yeah TMI), which I'm assuming is from the lack of fiber and increase in dairy. Despite having to quit at the 3 day mark I did see… Continue reading Egg Fast Experiment Conclusion